Sunday, 7 March 2010

Disability Discrimination

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Think about this very carefully, this could be so someone you care about, This is a crime. Being disabled and then having to deal with a social landlord bullying you and your family,yes that right a social landlord that bullies its vulnerable tenants, i know that amicus do this as i myself have suffered at the hands of amicus horizon, 6 years of hell, the full story will come out . my partner had a call from a police officer today saying that they are still investigating amicus horizon for suspected unlawful acts, i will be lobbying some of our new politician, to sort out the mess at amicus horizon,
as this can not go on . still waiting for lord c. falconer to shape up amicus horizon [he is our chairman] i think he must be to busy spending all the cash we pay him, to worry about Graeme and lisa,well i care about you two and i will help out .Please anyone with any influence out there, pull some strings for us. And jane porter you should hang your head in shame, tell jane who is in control of amicus, and knows all about this case in above post what you think, you can get her on 01424 776601 or tell her P.A. on 01424 776602, sue smith.

Human Rights

Social Housing Tenants at last have Rights!
Mr John Lawson-Smith advises us that a new ruling was passed in the high court in June which in effect rules that All housing associations/charities from now on will be treated as "Public Bodies" this ruling gives new and extra protection to social housing tenants

Amicus Horizon Tenants

Churchill UnitedWe started our websites at the request of our local teenagers because they felt a little hard done by.They had nowhere to go except the street and at he time Churchill United began that was more than enough to get them an Asbo.Teenagers like the one in the photo who cared enough about their community and the people living in it to want to help.Churchill United was a great success at the start but then our landlords 1066 Housing Association wanted to get involved and there was no reason why we should doubt their motives. They were advertising for Tenant Involvement and we thought tht they would be very interested in also accepting Teenager Involvement but we were very wrong.At the time we trusted 1066 Housing Association and their parent company Amicus Horizon to lead the way we had 84 members varying in age from 8 years old to 90. We felt flattered and encouraged by our landlords interest and for over four months the local teenagers worked almost everyday including weekends for free.They delivered leaflets. They helped with decorating and rubbish clearance. They organised and supervised a christmas party for the younger children of the estate and they delivered christmas presents.Of their own volition they imposed a ten o`clock curfew on themselves which they kept to diligently and they helped to raise funds for guitas, computer equipment and for these websites.Cheated by 1066 Housing Association an Amicus Horizon who it transpired wanted nothing more than a fake promotional photoshoot for their own website our members were devastated and disillusioned. Many of their parents including me were disgusted by the con but despite a very long and a very hard fight in the end Churchill United became nothing more than a group f friends or as we prefer to call ourselves "Victims of Crime".Had any of us behaved in the same way as 1066 Housing Association did we would have been arrested for fraud and taken to court and if there had been as much evidence as we had/have gainst 1066 housing Association we would probably have been jailed. Our mistake was trusting people like david chidwick from amicus horizon.
Check out you tube for Amicus Horizon video`s
Disabled Discrimination

Tenant Victimisation

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Amicus Horizon need supervision

Amicus Horizon Housing Association deserve to be prosecuted and their tenants need them to be placed under close supervision Hastings is not the only area that has a serious problem with this bullying housing corporation, they are the modern day rogue landlord.